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I was just in a car accident, what should I do?
- 1st. Assist anyone that may be injured, including yourself and notify police as soon as possible.
- 2nd. Write down as much information as possible. Drivers licence numbers of everyone involved in the accident, license plates, make and models of all cars involved, and the insurance information of everyone involved. Get names and addresses of witnesses and involved parties.
- 3rd. Notify your insurance company or our agency if claim is above your deductible.NEVER accept claim settlement at the scene of accident

Do I have to have Auto Insurance in the state of Texas?
- The Texas Department of Insurance requires automobile liability insurance for anyone operating a motor vehicle in Texas. The law currently requires minimum liability coverage of $30,000 per injured person, $60,000 for everyone injured in an accident, and $25,000 for property damage (30/60/25).

Do I have to carry full coverage on my auto insurance?
- Texas law does not require full coverage Our agency strongly recommends full coverage on all automobile policies in order to provide the best coverage for every possible accident scenario.

What factors effect my auto insurance?
- car insurance rates are based on many factors such as: Driving record, Auto Coverages, Make and Model of vehicle, Address and garaging type of vehicle.

What is required on my auto policy if i have a lender/ lienholder on vehicle?
- Most lienholders in the Texas will require $500 deductibles on comprehensive and collison coverage on any vehicle they have a financial interest with. Our agency will take the neccesary steps to verify coverage with your lender.

What should I do if I buy a new car?
- Contact our agency. We will add the new car to your existing policy and issue you new insurance cards.

What should I do when my child gets their license?
- Contact our agency. We will add the new driver to your policy and have them covered.

What should I do if I lose my insurance identification cards?
- Contact us and we will send you new cards as soon as possible.


What should I do if there is damage to my property?
- If damage to the property could lead to additional damage, take necessary steps to protect your property from additional damage. Get an idea of the amount of damage to make sure it exceeds your deductible. Contact your insurance carrier or our agency in order to file a claim on the damaged property.

What is the difference in Replacement Cost and Actual Cash Value?
- Replacement Cost is the amount it would cost to replace the like, kind, and quality of your home with today's cost of materials. There is not a dollar amount subtracted for depreciation- the decrease in value to property over time due to wear and tear. A replacement cost policy usually yields a higher premium but provides much more coverage than an Actual Cash Value Policy.
- Actual Cash Value is the replacement cost of property less depreciation. At the time of a loss with an actual cash value policy, the insurance company calculates the amount it would take to replace all the damaged property and subtracts the decrease in value over time. Because this eliminates thousands upon thousands of dollars for the insurance company to pay out over time, the actual cash value policy usually yields a much lower premium than replacement cost.

What coverages are required by my mortgage lender on my homeowners policy?
- Mortgage lenders require that you carry sufficient homeowner's insurance to cover replacement cost of the home or the amount of the loan, whichever is higher. There also may be certain coverages required depending on location of the property. (ex. Flood Insurance)


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